Behind every crafting there is an art!

Our Story

ZQ Handcrafts was started from the idea of providing one place to find all kinds of handcrafted products and services. Our specialization consists of following services and products:

  • Henna, Jagua & Hengua Tattoo Art
  • Home Decoration Planning & Crafting
  • Tailoring & Fashion Designing
  • Henna Products
  • Authentic Sri Lankan Handloom Products
  • Sustainable Material Handcrafts
firnas - henna artist

About Firnas

Firnas is a professional and experienced henna artist who is doing henna art since 2015. She is also very experienced in tailoring and fashion designing for a long time. Before moving to the Netherlands, she was running a fashion and clothing business named Fashion Fans Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka. Her journey in business was started when she found her enthusiasm in fashion, art and crafting overloaded to a maximum level. She stopped working in her profession of library science and became an entrepreneur ever since then.